The Year in Review 2016: #1

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July 20, 2016 turned out to be ECW’s biggest day ever as far as readership. The numbers were driven, in part, by a pair of wildly popular posts that appeared on July 19. The first was Chris Kolakowski’s Civil War Echoes post on the B-29 and Mrs. Longstreet (see #5 on the top ten list); the second was a guest post by William Griffith that shed light on one of the Union Army’s most controversial figures.

Following his final ousting from command, George B. McClellan ran for president in 1864. After that, he seemed to fade from the historical record—few Civil War buffs know the last chapter of McClellan’s story. Griffith’s excellent piece—our most-read post in 2016—put “Little Mac” to rest.

ECW’s most-read post of 2016: “‘Little Mac’s’ Final Moments: The Death of George B. McClellan” by William Griffith, posted on July 19, 2016

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