Be of Good Cheer!


I regularly inspect caches of images concerning the Civil War. It is in this way that I have made some amazing finds, most of which are eventually shared here at ECW. In a historic period where it took a few minutes to successfully capture an image, getting one with a natural look was difficult.

Digitalization and coloring have helped make these subjects seem more personable, but rarely is there an image of anyone having a good time. Someone did it, however–perhaps four someones. Every time I look at this assemblage, I smile. I hope you do as well.

Merry Christmas!

6 Responses to Be of Good Cheer!

  1. Thanks, Meg. It is nice to see some happiness during the war years. Best holiday wishes, …. George

  2. I have always wondered of there were ever any photos taken in the 1800s that had people actually SMILING! The vast majority of them from those years and decades shows everyone being so stoic. Glad to see that there were pictures taken that conveyed smiles. Well done…

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