Podcast Additional Resources: “Civil War Publishing”

Last week we released an episode of the Emerging Civil War Podcast about Civil War publishing with a special discussion with Chris Mackowski, Kris White, and Ted Savas.

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We’ve rounded up some blog posts about writing and some articles by Ted Savas from our archives to encourage further discussion and research. Enjoy these additional links and resources…


A Quick Writing Lesson with Foote and Faulkner

Writing the Wilderness and Reflecting

Bill Backus Brings “Vigilance” to His Writing

Gordon Rhea’s “To the North Anna River”—History Writing at Its Best

A Q&A About Publishing

Emerging Civil War Book Series

Interviews and Blog Posts with Ted Savas

The Future of Civil War History

The Future of Civil War History – P.S.

Storming the works at Savas Beatie

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