Week In Review: November 11-18, 2018

This week started with thoughts on the connections between the Civil War and World War I in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the armistice that ended WWI and continued with symposium news, a book review, an interview and more!

Check-out our week in review and have a wonderful Sunday.

Sunday, November 11:

In the evening, Chris Kolakowski shared thoughts on the 100th Anniversary of World War I’s armistice.

Monday, November 12:

Question of the Week asked about your favorite archaeology adventures on Civil War battlefields.

Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about her thoughts on the Civil War and World War I and the generational impact of patriotism and conflicts.

Edward Alexander found a photograph General Pershing and a Civil War veteran.

Tuesday, November 13:

Offering additional resources for the “Gettysburg Civilian” episode on the ECW Podcast…

Ryan Quint posted a book review about the Camel Regiment.

Wednesday, November 14:

Symposium Spotlight: The keynote speaker has been announced!

Thursday, November 15:

Chris Mackowski had a conversation with Brian Steel Wills about his book Inglorious Passages.

Friday, November 16:

Part Two of Chris Mackowski’s conversation with Brian Steel Wills is available.

For the ECW Weekender, Edward Alexander shared tour notes for Drewry’s Bluff.

Saturday, November 17:

Preservation News featured a new fundraising effort at Clara Barton Missing Soldiers Office Museum in Washington D.C.

Sunday, November 18:

Sarah Kay Bierle invites you to the table for a traditional discussion of historic foods on the blog during Thanksgiving week!

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