Promotion Day?

August 17 – and guess what? Three very (or moderately) famous Civil War officers got promoted on this day, but in different years. Now you’ve got history trivia for the weekend:

George Henry Thomas Statue

1861 – George Thomas becomes Brigadier General of Volunteers in the Union Army of the Cumberland. By 1863, he will be the “Rock of Chickamauga” and an important leader in the fights in the Western Theater.







JEB Stuart

1862 – General James Ewell Brown Stuart takes command of the Army of Northern Virginia’s Cavalry. He will lead from this position until his death in May 1864 – coordinating Confederate cavalry and running a network of spies and intelligence.






John Magruder

1864 – General John B. Magruder receives an appointment to command the Confederate troops in Arkansas. Later, he would return to commanding the District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, holding that post at the end of the war.

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