Week In Review: October 13-20, 2019

This week has been almost all about John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry for the 160th Anniversary with lots of posts and lots of perspective. You’ll also find posts on Fort Harrison, the Battle of Cedar Creek, and more…

Sunday, October 13:

In the evening, Chris Mackowski added his thoughts to “Do We Still Care About The Civil War”

Monday, October 14:

Question of the Week focused on army organizers.

John Brown: Jon-Erik Gilot shared an eye-witness account to the fighting that occurred during the raid.

Tuesday, October 15:

John Brown: Kevin Pawlak wrote about Dangerfield Newby and his role in the raid.

Additional Resources are available for last week’s podcast episode: “A Chat with Brian Steel Wills”

The presentation on Grant’s Second Petersburg Offensive at the 2019 ECW Symposium has aired on C-SPAN.

Wednesday, October 16:

John Brown: Sarah Kay Bierle shared a piece of poetry and a little history that inspired on October The Sixteenth in 1859.

John Brown: Sarah Kay Bierle added a book review of Midnight Rising.

John Brown: Chris Mackowski chronicled a recent hike to Harpers Ferry with Terry Rensel and thoughts on history and memory.

Thursday, October 17:

John Brown: Bert Dunkerly wrote about Virginia’s Governor Wise’s response to John Brown’s Raid in 1859.

Doug Crenshaw shared his research on a lost opportunity – Fort Harrison.

John Brown: Chris Mackowski wrote about the memorial marker for Heyward Shepherd and its background.

Friday, October 18:

John Brown: Sarah Kay Bierle added the primary source by Johnny Wise about Richmond’s reaction to the raid.

ECW Weekender spotlighted the NPS John Brown Museum in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park.

Edward Alexander wrote about mapping the Battle of Philippi.

Saturday, October 19:

John Brown: Kevin Pawlak shared why Harpers Ferry was a target for John Brown.

The Battle of Cedar Creek happened 155 years ago and we rounded up some resources for the anniversary.

Sunday, October 20: 

This morning Chris Mackowski wrote about visiting Ball’s Bluff National Cemetery.

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