Home Libraries: An Introduction

We’re kicking off a new blog series this autumn at Emerging Civil War! Have you noticed that many bookshelves have been featured in the backgrounds of Zoom calls this year? Among some cliques, “book shelfies” are also a trending thing (taking a photo of your bookshelves and posting it online; you may or may not be in the photo).

With so many of us spending extra time at home this year, we’re seeing and using our own research libraries a lot. So, Chris Mackowski and Dan Welch created a blog series concept where we’ll be sharing photos and stories from our home libraries and Civil War research collections.

Over the next few weeks, look for photos of bookshelves, fun stories, highlights of favorite Civil War book collections, book storage ideas, tales of how we built our personal research stacks, and more. We hope you’ll be inspired, find a few new titles, and share about your collections and home libraries in the comments.

Stay safe, keep calm, and read on…

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