Week In Review: May 2-9, 2021

Battle and campaign anniversaries, new archaeology discovery, discussions about Lee and Jackson, and more…

Sunday, May 2:

Take a video tour of Jackson’s Flank March at Chancellorsville on the anniversary.

Here’s the conclusion of the series with Dr. Curt Fields about studying and portraying Ulysses S. Grant.

Monday, May 3:

Question of the Week highlighted decision moments in the Chancellorsville Campaign.

Sarah Kay Bierle mused on things left behind on battlefields.

Brain Swartz has some fantastic articles from April 2021 on his Maine at War blog!

Tuesday, May 4:

Zachery A. Fry reviewed the new book The Maps of the Cavalry in the Gettysburg Campaign.

Guest author Leon Reed wrote about marching societies and the 1860 Election.

Chris Mackowski posted about the removal of Jackson’s name from VMI buildings.

Wednesday, May 5:

Jonathan A. Noyalas guest authored an article about the Shenandoah Valley’s African Americans’ support for the Union war effort.

Was The Wilderness “flat”? Chris Mackowski shares his topography research.

Jon-Erik Gilot posted about the experiences of wounded soldiers during the Battle of The Wilderness.

Thursday, May 6:

Nathan Provost questioned “what if” Jackson and Sheridan had met in battle?

Sarah Kay Bierle created a virtual walk on Gordon Flank Attack Trail in The Wilderness.

Kris White’s presentation “Lee’s Greatest Victory, Lee’s Greatest Defeat” is on C-SPAN 3.

Friday, May 7:

Jon Tracey followed the footsteps of the 130th Pennsylvania Regiment at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville.

ECW Weekender: Phill Greenwalt wrote about his visit to Fort Gaines.

Chris Mackowski posed a question about Lee and Jackson and their roads to joining the Confederacy.

Saturday, May 8:

Saving History Saturday: An exciting archaeological find in Maryland directly related to Harriet Tubman’s life and family!

Nathan Provost shared Part 2 (Spotsylvania) of his comprehensive look at the Overland Campaign.

Check out the ECW videos about the Overland Campaign – especially since it’s anniversary season.

Sunday, May 9:

Happy Mother’s Day! Sarah Kay Bierle posted a letter from Cadet Stanard to his mother.

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