Week In Review: March 6-13, 2022

Book news, battle anniversaries for Hampton Roads and Pea Ridge, the beginnings of the 1862 Valley Campaign, and more this week on the ECW blog. Read all about it!

Sunday, March 6:

Great “What Ifs” of the Civil War is now available! Check out the video preview…

Monday, March 7:

Question of the Week highlights women history books.

Sean Michael Chick reviewed Civil War Witnesses and Their Books: New Perspectives on Iconic Works.

Tuesday, March 8:

Chris Heisey posted photography for the battle anniversary of Pea Ridge.

Neil Chatelain wrote about the USS Minnesota’s deck log and the battle of Hampton Roads.

Looking back…it’s the 160th Anniversary of the battle of Hampton Roads.

Wednesday, March 9:

Symposium Spotlight: It’s Part 1 of the suggested reading list to get ready for the summer.

Jon-Erik Gilot shared about the Pennsylvania Militia’s experiences at Antietam battlefield.

Dwight Hughes posted about ironclads and the frightening times of 1862.

Thursday, March 10:

Meg Groeling reviewed Invisible Wounds.

Terry Rensel shared about the 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry at Gaines Mill.

Sheritta Bitikofer found details about Robert Weir of the USS Richmond and his art.

Friday, March 11:

Guest author Max Longley wrote about George Gordon and his work and persecution as an abolitionist.

ECW Weekender: Sarah Kay Bierle took a hike at Bentonville Battlefield.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about the Confederates leaving Winchester and the start of the 1862 Valley Campaign.

Saturday, March 12:

Saving History Saturday: An artillery shell was recently discovered at Kennesaw Mountain.

Celebrating a new book that Steve Davis has been working on: The Atlanta Daily Intelligencer Covers the Civil War

Sunday, March 13:

Sarah Kay Bierle confesses that she is looking for the “bad friend” in the archives (and explains what that means with her research!)

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