Week In Review: June 27-July 3, 2022

Wrapping up the Unpublished Series and lots of content for the anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg! You’ll also find accounts of the Underground Railroad, the symposium schedule, and ties to the war in the Trans-Mississippi are featured in the Week in Review.

Monday, June 27:

Question of the Week: Gettysburg, Vicksburg…or both?

Steve Davis explored Southern humor about McClellan’s “change of base” on the Peninsula in 1862.

Unpublished: Sarah Kay Bierle posted about Channing Price’s diary from 1861-1862.

Tuesday, June 28:

George Gordon Meade had an alarming “good morning” on this day in 1863.

Unpublished: Sarah Kay Bierle wrote about Thomas D. Evan’s pocket diary from 1864.

The June 2022 ECW Newsletter is now available!

Wednesday, June 29:

Symposium Spotlight: The schedule has been released!

Chris Mackowski wrote about JEB Stuart’s wagon train capture and the troubles of doing business during the 1863 Pennsylvania Campaign.

Unpublished: Chris Mackowski explored what’s not in the Official Records.

Kristen M. Trout shared about the University of Kansas and its ties to the Civil War. 

Thursday, June 30:

Guest author Richard Abramson explored history and sites of the Underground Railroad.

Unpublished: Transcript of an ECW Women’s discussion about unpublished primary sources by women from the 1860s.

Unpublished: The conclusion of a series

Friday, July 1:

Chris Mackowski wrote about “Tardy Daniel Sickles” and the opening moves toward the big controversy.

Sarah Kay Bierle shared about John Burns of Gettysburg and the various accounts about his battlefield actions and neighborhood troubles.

ECW Weekender: Check out Gettysburg 159 with American Battlefield Trust online!

Chris Mackowski explored “what if” John Reynolds had not been killed at Gettysburg.

Saturday, July 2:

Saving History Saturday: Check out American Battlefield Trust’s restoration plans and fundraising.

Brian Swartz reexamined who sent Vincent’s brigade to Little Round Top.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about an artillery sergeant who declared he was NOT retreating.

Sunday, July 3:

This morning Sarah Kay Bierle posted about brothers in the 8th Virginia Infantry during the Pickett-Pettigrew-Trimble Charge at Gettysburg.

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