Question of the Week: 6/12-6/18/17

Who is YOUR favorite historical person from the Civil War Era?

Tell us your all-time favorite this week…and we’ll break the question into categories for the following week.

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14 Responses to Question of the Week: 6/12-6/18/17

  1. David Corbett says:

    John S. Mosby.

  2. Mark Hartshorne says:

    I dare say a few others will say — Robert E Lee

  3. DOK says:

    Richard Taylor

  4. Meg Groeling says:

    Elmer Ellsworth

  5. Robert Gale says:

    John Pelham

  6. Abraham Lincoln

  7. Charles Martin says:

    Colonel John T. Wilder commander of the Lightning Brigade of the Army of the Cumberland consisting of mounted infantry with Spencer Repeating Rifles combining maneuver with superior firepower consistently outmatching opponents in greater numbers.

  8. David Lady says:

    BG Charles Ferguson Smith and Flag Officer Andrew Hull Foote, the grand old men of Fort Donelson

  9. Admiral Raphael Semmes

  10. Lt. Colonel Pendleton. His letters are amazingly fun and insightful for study.

  11. Bob StollerR says:

    John Buford

  12. Stefan Papp Jr. says:

    Peter Joseph Osterhaus

  13. Andy Cardinal says:

    Rufus Dawes

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