Edward B. Williston and the ECW Archives

The Ogg Farm at Trevilian Station

Recently, I was reviewing several accounts related to the Battle of Trevilian Station. On the second day of the engagement, 1st Lt. Edward Williston, a Federal artillerist, brought his guns to bear on the Confederate position at the the Ogg Farm. In April, 1892, Williston received a Medal of Honor for his actions at Trevilian Station. For some reason, I could not recall Williston’s battery. I did, however, remember writing a piece on the fight for the Ogg Farm back in June. So, I took a look at the ECW Archives.

Then, I found it: Battery D, 2nd U.S. Artillery. The moment underscored the fact that our Archives are a fantastic resource. One can simply type a phrase in the “Search” field located in the right hand column on the home screen and the feature will return all pertinent articles. In fact, one of our ongoing efforts is to make our Archives more accessible to our readers.

As for Williston, he ultimately received brevets to Captain for his actions at Chancellorsville, to Major for his actions at Gettysburg, to Lieutenant Colonel for his actions at Third Winchester and to Colonel for his gallant and meritorious service during the war. Williston remained in the army, serving in the 2nd U.S. and later the 3rd U.S. Artillery in the post-bellum years. He was commissioned a Brigadier General of Volunteers at the outset of the Spanish American War. Williston retired on July 15, 1900.

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