Question of the Week: 12/24-12/30/18

It’s the season of fanciful wishes, so…

If you could time-travel to spend Christmas or New Year’s at a Civil War camp or headquarters, who would you spend the holidays with? Why?

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  1. On January 1st 1863 General Grant was at his HQ in Holly Springs, busily engaged in operations against the Rebels in Northern Mississippi. He received a telegram that day advising him of the defeat of Bragg’s Army near Nashville (which if true, would have been great news.) If I could materialize at Holly Springs after U.S. Grant received that telegram, I would first remind the General of the significance of the day, make sure John Rawlins wasn’t around, then offer Grant a celebratory drink from my flask. Referring to the good news from Nashville, I would remind the General of his own visit to Nashville, February 27th of 1862, and ask him how Don Carlos Buell took the news that he had just been promoted Major General (while Buell yet remained Brigadier General — the first time Buell was junior to Grant since their time together at West Point.)
    After learning all that Ulysses Grant got up to during that unauthorized visit to Nashville, I would thank him for his time, excuse myself, and allow the General to resume his operation

  2. It would definitely be with the 202nd Pennsylvania at Fairfax Court House in 1864 in which my great grandfather private Cyrus Loose served under his uncle colonel Charles Albright. It sure would be interesting to sit at Christmas dinner and have a conversation with those two.

  3. Whoever was headquartered in a warm, well appointed mansion! With lots of ‘adult spirits’ available…

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