Primary Sources: Conclusion of a Series

Just over two weeks ago – on January 12, 2019 – Emerging Civil War authors started pulling books and files to share about some of our favorite primary sources on the blog. It’s fostered some great discussions and spotlighted some unique and classic sources from the American Civil War.

Now, we’re wrapping up that series – but don’t worry “Primary Sources” is still a regular category on the blog, and you’ll find quotes, reviews, or discussion about historic documents regularly on the blog. 

We appreciate your interest in the series and for keeping the discussions lively in the comments. Sending a big “thank you” to all our writers who contributed to this series and special gratitude to Editor in Chief, Chris Mackowski, for creating the original idea for this set of articles to launch the new year.

In case you missed parts of the series or just want to read through start to finish, here’s a list of the blog posts:

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ECW Weekender: The Huntington Library

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Primary Sources: The ORs and the Growth of Bureaucracy

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