Civil War Echoes: The Golden Spike

150 years ago today, at 12:47 PM local time, the Golden Spike was driven near Promontory Point, Utah. This ceremony (pictured) completed the Transcontinental Railroad by joining the Central Pacific and Union Pacific.

At least two noteworthy Civil War veterans were there.

Former Union Major General (and corps commander) Grenville Dodge was engineer for the Union Pacific.

Security for the cermeony was provided by the U.S. Army’s 36th Infantry, and one of the company commanders was Captain Arthur MacArthur, late of the 24th Wisconsin and the former “Boy Colonel” of the Union Army.

3 Responses to Civil War Echoes: The Golden Spike

  1. I would add Jack and Dan Casement to your list. They were Civil War veterans and were in charge of track laying on the Union Pacific. Jack was a Brigadier General under Sherman in the Atlanta Campaign.

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