John Brown’s Raid 160th: Conclusion

We’re wrapping up the official series for the 160th of John Brown’s Raid. You’ll probably see a couple more posts in the coming weeks so stay turned! Here’s a review of all the posts in the series.

John Brown’s Raid 160th: An Introduction

An Eyewitness Account of John Brown’s Raid

Dangerfield Newby and John Brown’s Raid

October The Sixteenth – “Alive With Ghosts Today”

Hiking to Harpers Ferry for the John Brown 160th

Book Review: Midnight Rising

Governor Wise’s Response To John Brown’s Raid

John Wise (The Governor’s Son) Responds To John Brown’s Raid

ECW Weekender: John Brown Museum in Harpers Ferry

The Reason for Harpers Ferry and Why John Brown Raided It

Question of the Week: 10/21-10/27/19

“But his soul goes marching on.” Brown, Douglass, and the Radicals

“Overflowing with patriotic love for the Old Dominion and old rye whiskey…”: Western Virginia Militia Witness the Execution of John Brown

John Brown 160th: Who’s On The Series Header?

From the ECW Archives: Luke Quinn and John Brown’s Raid

ECW Weekender: Newby’s Crossroads

Angel or Elf: Bronson Alcott and the Secret Six Plot to Assist John Brown

A Soldier’s View of Harper’s Ferry

3 Responses to John Brown’s Raid 160th: Conclusion

  1. This has been an excellent series of articles, and ECW should be commended for providing a forum for investigation and discussion of this watershed event in American history. One does not have to like John Brown; and what was attempted at Harpers Ferry is exemplary of “the ends attempting to justify the means.” But, the outrage in the South generated by the failed raid, and the subsequent execution of Old Man Brown and EVERY one of his followers who could be tracked down (demonstrating a complete lack of compassion), knocked away the last chock holding the juggernaut of war in check.
    After December 1859, the national blood-letting was a matter of WHEN, not IF…

    1. Oooh… maybe I have to take the back. We only cornered him apparently. It’s said he took his own life and the three lives of his hostage children.

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