2020 ECW Symposium Full Line-Up Announced

Welcome back to the first installment of our Symposium Spotlight series for the 2020 Emerging Civil War Symposium. Several weeks ago we announced our theme, “Fallen Leaders of the Civil War,” along with our keynote speaker, Gordon Rhea. Historian Rhea will be speaking about J.E.B. Stuart’s mortal wounding at Yellow Tavern and its impact on the Army of Northern Virginia. We are pleased to share our full line-up of presenters for the 2020 Emerging Civil War Symposium with you today.

Seventh Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium
Edward Alexander
Matt Atkinson
Sarah Bierle
Sean Michael Chick
Meg Groeling
Kevin Pawlak
Dave Powell
Dan Welch
Kris White
In addition to these speakers, Greg Mertz, National Park Service historian at Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park will be leading Sunday’s tour on the wounding of General James Longstreet during the battle of the Wilderness in May 1864 and the effects it will have on the Army of Northern Virginia during the remainder of the Overland Campaign.
You can find more information about the 2020 Emerging Civil War Symposium by clicking here. Don’t forget to take advantage of our early bird rate (expires December 31, 2019) and special group rate for accommodations!
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  1. Henry Fleming says:

    Fantastic theme! You’re gonna be standing room only.

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