Weekly Whitman: “Thick-Sprinkled Bunting”

THICK-SPRINKLED bunting! Flag of stars!
Long yet your road, fateful flag!—long yet your road, and lined with bloody death!
For the prize I see at issue, at last is the world!
All its ships and shores I see, interwoven with your threads, greedy banner!
—Dream’d again the flags of kings, highest born, to flaunt unrival’d?
O hasten, flag of man! O with sure and steady step, passing highest flags of kings,
Walk supreme to the heavens, mighty symbol—run up above them all,
Flag of stars! thick-sprinkled bunting!

“Our Heaven Born Banner,” by William Bauly.

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3 Responses to Weekly Whitman: “Thick-Sprinkled Bunting”

  1. David Dixon says:

    Interesting poem, Meg. Two themes that Whitman touches on here that are critically important. First, he talks about the American flag as supplanting the flags of kings. This is a clear signal that our civil war was international in scope and importance; a stern rebuke against aristocratic rulers in Europe who had so recently defeated democratic insurgents. It is a validation also of the republican form of government as consistent with the rights of humankind; again a global perspective on what many present day enthusiasts of the American Civil War see as strictly a sectional conflict within our borders. It was so much more than that as Whitman so eloquently alludes to.

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  3. Katy Berman says:

    Beautiful poem. Are you able to display Frank Church’s “Banner in the Sky?” I remember it from the Art of the American Civil War exhibit which I saw at the Smithsonian and the NY Met.

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