Weekly Whitman In Review: October 31, 2021-October 31, 2020

The final installment of the Weekly Whitman is an index of all the poems, newspaper articles, movie-and-TV bits, and everything else I could think of to expand a reader’s ideas about a man who is considered by many to be America’s best poet. I have enjoyed this experience. I thank you for hanging in there when I was in the hospital, which is where the missing dates occur. The illustration I chose for this final offering is one I found a year ago. Whitman never, to my knowledge, wrote about coffee, or I would have used it before. If nothing else shows how pervasive Whitman is in America, surely a Starbucks card with a Whitman quote does the trick.

October 31, 2020:

A new blog series was announced—Weekly Whitman—which explores the writing of Walt Whitman and the Civil War. “Not a Trick! Walt Whitman Every Week”

November 8, 2020: Weekly Whitman: Ashes of Soldiers

November 15, 2020: Weekly Whitman: “America”

November 22, 2020: Weekly Whitman: “By the Bivouac’s Fearful Flame”

November 29, 2020: Weekly Whitman: “Thick-Sprinkled Bunting”

December 6, 2020: Weekly Whitman: “Pioneers! O Pioneers!”

December 13, 2020: Weekly Whitman: “To a Locomotive in Winter”

 December 20, 2020: Weekly Whitman: “A Christmas Greeting from a Northern-Star Group to a Southern. 1889-90”

December 27, 2020: Weekly Whitman: Not Such a Merry Christmas

January 3, 2021: Weekly Whitman: … and the war came

January 10, 2021: Weekly Whitman: The Sounds of Winter

January 17, 2021: Weekly Whitman: An Earlier Inauguration

January 24, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “The Dresser”

January 31, 2021: Weekly Whitman: City of Ships

February 7, 2021: Weekly Whitman: An Army Corps on the March

February 14, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Happy Valentine’s Day

February 21, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “A Dirge for Two Veterans”

February 28, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Drum-Taps”

March 7, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Look down fair moon”

March 14, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Come up from the fields, Father”

March 21, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Beat! beat! drums!”

March 28, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Fire in the Sky

April 4, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Certain Civilians

April 11, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Old Ireland

April 18, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Walt Whitman on the Death of President Lincoln”

June 6, 2021: Weakly, Whitman

June 13, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Hush’d Be the Camps Today

June 20, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “O Captain! My Captain”

June 27, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d”

July 4, 2021: Weekly Whitman: The 4th of July

July 11, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “This Dust was Once the Man”

July 18, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “A March in the Ranks Hard-prest and the Road Unknown”

July 25, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Walt Whitman would have loved the Olympics

August 1, 2021: Weekly Whitman: A Postage Stamp

August 8, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim”

August 15, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Over the Carnage Rose Prophetic a Voice”

August 22, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Whitman on Film

August 29, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Year That Trembled and Reel’d Beneath Me”

September 5, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Camps of Green”

September 12, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Weave In, My Hardy Life”

September 19, 2021:  Weekly Whitman: “I Saw Old General at Bay”

September 26, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “In Clouds Descending, In Midnight Sleep”

October 3, 2021: Weekly Whitman: Jottings on an Execution

October 10, 2021: Weekly Whitman and the World Series

October 17, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “To the Leaven’d Soil They Trod”

October 24, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “Years of the Modern”

October 31, 2021: Weekly Whitman: “To a Historian” which is the conclusion of the blog series Weekly Whitman. Thanks for reading.


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8 Responses to Weekly Whitman In Review: October 31, 2021-October 31, 2020

  1. Ken says:

    Thank you for this series. It opened my eyes to Whitman’s work.

  2. grandadpookers says:

    Thank you, a new and valuable perspective on the Civil War after reading countless books and articles.

  3. darylmcdonald0208 says:

    Meg, this is a wonderful series. Thank you so much! I appreciate this final entry where you put all the links together. Starbucks card a bonus!

  4. Chris Mackowski says:

    This was a great series and, I’m sure, a labor of love. I appreciate this synopsis. We should remember to repost this every year on Uncle Walt’s birthday or maybe on the anniversary of his death as a memorial.

    • Meg Groeling says:

      When I was in the hospital I kept thinking “You have to get better. You have to do that Whitman project!” Looking forward to the next one!

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