Statues of Stonewall

Prologue to a series

Statues of Stonewall Jackson seem almost as plentiful across the South as magnolia trees.

Over the next week, we’ll take a look at several Stonewall statues scattered throughout the South.

Jackson (left) and Lee never made it to Baltimore, but this statue of them together sits near the art museum in Wyman Park. Erected in 1948, it depicts their so-called “Last Meeting” at Chancellorsville.

Jackson is certainly memorialized in all sorts of ways: a stained glass window at the National Cathedral; a dam and a lake near his boyhood home in Weston, WV; a bas-relief sculpture on the face of Stone Mountain near Atlanta, Ga. In the future, we’ll take a closer look at some of those memorializations, but this week, we’ll focus specifically on Jackson-as-metal-statue.

As we hop around to a couple places, I’ll share with you the history of the statues and the history of Jackson memorialization. I hope, too, to show you some really cool photos.

We’ll begin on Monday with what’s undoubtedly the most famous of all: the statue of Stonewall Jackson at Manassas National Battlefield.

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