Snow Covered Yet Not Forgotten

During the recent Christmas holiday I had the chance to stop by Antietam National Battlefield on the way to visit family. I have been to Antietam numerous times, but never have I had the chance to see it snow-covered. The ground was peaceful and serene in the snow, yet even this white blanket could not completely cover the history of that ground and the red that was spilt there 150 years previous.

I thought I would share some of the photographs I snapped that day.



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Some of the Confederates who fell on this battlefield were reinterred at Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick, Maryland along with Southerners that fell at Monocacy in July 1864.


Two other notables are buried in Mount Olivet Cemetery–one is Barbara Fritchie who supposedly defiantly waved a Union flag when Confederate General “Stonewall” Jackson and his command was marching by.


Another notable burial was the gentleman that jotted down a few lines that became our national anthem–easy trivia–but any guesses?


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