Civil War Generals’ Sex Quiz

Here’s a little April 1st tomfoolery for you. Prepare to get sassy with your morning coffee: the Civil War Generals’ Sex Quiz: 

1. What Union cavalry officer, who fought in Sherman’s Atlanta campaign, kept a woman with him, dressed as a soldier? (The General insisted that Alice, riding in his headquarters train in a closed carriage, was being escorted by him north to safety. But as an Ohio officer acknowledged, “it was the general belief of the command that he carried her with him for purposes less honorable than those alleged by him.”) Thomas P. Lowry,The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell: Sex in the Civil War(Mechanicsburg, 1994), p. 144.

The Union cavalry general was
a) Judson Kilpatrick
b) Alfred Pleasonton
c) George Custer
d) James H. Wilson

2. Which Confederate lieutenant general, who commanded an infantry corps in Lee’s army, contracted gonorrhea while a cadet at West Point, and suffered from attacks of prostasis for years afterward? James I. Robertson, Jr.,General ___: The Story of a Confederate Warrior (New York, 1987), p. 11.

The Confederate general was
a) Richard Ewell
b) Jubal Early
c) Richard Anderson
d) A. P. Hill.

3. A Union major general is commonly thought, through his last name, to have given prostitutes a popular nickname. Scholarship, however, has proven this untrue, as the nickname appears in American slang well before the Civil War. Lowry, The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell, p. 147.

The Union general was:
a ) Augustus Whore
b) Francis Tart
c) Maurice Madam
d) Joseph Hooker

4. “Alarmed at the many rumors in the little town [Spring Hill, Tenn.] that associated his wife too intimately with the Confederate officer,” Dr. George B. Peters, a physician, strode into the headquarters of a major general in the Confederate cavalry and shot him in the head. Robert G. Hartje,_____: the Life and Times of Confederate General.Nashville, 1967. Pp. 311-12.

The Confederate general was
a) “Jeb” Stuart
b) Earl Van Dorn
c) Bedford Forrest
d) John Morgan

5. Annie Jones, a 17-year-old from Cambridge, Massachusetts, claimed that she involved herself with six Union generals, plus Union officers of lesser ranks as well as civilian functionaries. Lowry,The Story the Soldiers Wouldn’t Tell,pp. 154-55.

Among the Union generals, according to Miss Jones, was which German-born officer, who rallied many German immigrants to the Union cause (“I fights mit____”), but had the misfortune to be decisively beaten at New Market, Virginia, May 15, 1864, by a Confederate force comprised partly of teenagers from the Virginia Military Institute?
A) Franz Sigel
b) Alexander Schimmelpfennig
c) Peter Osterhaus
d) Carl Schurz

6. Confederate General John bell Hood married in 1868 Anna Marie Henning and had with her eleven children before their deaths from yellow fever in New Orleans in 1879. Richard M. McMurry,____ and the War for Southern Independence. Lexington KY, 1982. P. 195.

From his wartime injuries, at Gettysburg and Chickamauga, we may deduce the preferred or most practicable position in love-making of General Hood and his wife as:
a) John on top of Anna
b) Anna on top of John
c) John kneeling behind Anna
d) other

7. “In the middle of the night he wakes not to the sound of musket or cannon but to the sound of his own voice sobbing her name. He buries himself in her, stifling the sobs. The final cry he withholds, then releases with the burning of his seed, after which she holds him—his head—saying nothing until he has gone back to sleep. The next morning he awakes before she does to the uncertainty of what he has or what he has not performed.”

This passage, from Lamar Herrin’s The Unwritten Chronicle of Robert E. Lee, describes the modern novelist’s image of a famous Confederate general making love with his wife. Renowned as “Stonewall,” who is he?

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  1. Question No. 6 is by far the most interesting. I knew that the unfortunate Hood lost a leg and the use of an arm, but didn’t know he had 11 kids within 11 years.

    The obvious conclusion: One of his appendages more than made up for the loss of two others.

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