Question of the Week: 9/12-9/18/16

Question-HeaderWho is the least-known general officer in the Civil War who had the biggest impact on a victory or loss?

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12 Responses to Question of the Week: 9/12-9/18/16

  1. David L. Lady says:

    MG Steedman, who marched his three brigades from Rossville Gap to Snodgrass Ridge, arriving just in time (within about fifteen minutes, if I remember David Powell’s account correctly) to defeat the Confederate assault and prevent envelopment of the XIV Corps from the west.

  2. John Foskett says:

    On the bad side, W.W. Loring at Champion Hill.

  3. Dale Fishel says:

    Emerson Opdyke – 125th OVI at Franklin, TN.

  4. joe truglio says:

    Sibley in New Mexico

  5. General Floyd and Wise and the loss of Western Virginia.

  6. D.O. Kelley says:

    General John D. Imboden, CSA with his defense of Williamsport that saved Lee’s massive supply train during retreat from Gettysburg.

  7. Chris Kolakowski says:

    Lovell Rousseau at Perryville

  8. timboabwe66 says:

    Floyd and Pillow at Fort Donelson.

  9. mchardy2014 says:

    BG James H. Lane – twice in one day, at Spotsylvania Court House.

  10. Oliver O. Howard at Gettysburg. He manages to stop his panicky troops at Cemetery Hill, rallies them, and starts building the defensive position which Generals Hancock and Meade would improve.

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