Gettysburg’s Famed Pickett’s Charge is Reimagined by Civil War Trust and Hirshhorn Museum

Check out this neat announcement from the Civil War Trust. In a different kind of preservation, preserving the memory of Pickett’s Charge, the Trust looks at a contemporary interpretation of the famed nineteenth-century  Gettysburg cyclorama. Keep reading to find out more about this project.

“Now on display in Washington, D.C.’s Hirshhorn Museum is internationally acclaimed artist Mark Bradford’s “Pickett’s Charge.” Bradford’s painting is a contemporary interpretation of French artist Paul Philippoteaux’s 1883 cyclorama at Gettysburg National Military Park, which the Civil War Trust recently brought to life in the painting’s first-ever, annotated, 360-degree video.”

Want more information on the 360-degree video? Click here.

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4 Responses to Gettysburg’s Famed Pickett’s Charge is Reimagined by Civil War Trust and Hirshhorn Museum


    I have seen the real Paul Philippoteaux’s 1883 cyclorama at the Gettysburg National Military Park. The Hirshhorn Museum and Mark Bradford’s “Pickett’s Charge” is just another example of modern art trash. I wouldn’t waste my time to go see it.

  2. John Pryor says:

    You have got to be kidding. Has all the appeal of me driving in a tunnel with my glasses off. No wonder the artist is laughing-did he pull a whopper over!

  3. David Lady says:

    Bradford’s work is not trash, but it is jarring. I would like to see it, to spend some time with it. A trip to the Hirschhorn is not in the cards this year. My first goal is to get to the new cyclorama at Gettysburg NBP and do the same with the original.

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