Slowly But Surely!! My Elmer Ellsworth Cover

Not sure if a PDF will load here, but I got a copy of my cover for First Fallen yesterday–WOW! It looks stunning.

I have blurbs from Chris M, of course, but also from Harry Smeltzer (, Damian Shiels, Sidney Blumenthal, and Michael Burlingame. I never know what to answer to anyone who asks when the book will be out, but it will definitely be out. If it looks half as good as the book jacket, it will be amazing. What a journey!

And no–no PDF. I will keep working on it. Here’s a sneak peek at part of it, though:

3 Responses to Slowly But Surely!! My Elmer Ellsworth Cover

  1. I am excited to learn of this and looking forward to getting and reading this book! A modern biography of Ellsworth is long overdue!

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