Week In Review: December 5-12, 2021

This might be a record-breaking week for the number of blog posts released on ECW! The “Emerging Civil War Series Series” is still featuring the books, Chris Mackowski and Kris White took a recent trip in the Western Theater to do some filming for American Battlefield Trust with other colleagues and historians, some monument and battlefield touring posts appeared, and more. Check out the posts and news announcements from the week—there are a few you won’t want to miss.

Sunday, December 5:

Emerging Civil War Series: Hellmira

Monday, December 6:

Question of the Week explores building reading lists about the Civil War.

Emerging Civil War to be Featured at the April 2022 Pittsburgh Symposium. Check out the details…

Guest author Jeff T. Giambrone shared about the 3rd U.S. Colored Cavalry.

Emerging Civil War Series: Embattled Capital

Tuesday, December 7:

Jon Tracey explored the history of some Gettysburg battlefield monuments that got moved.

Remembering Pearl Harbor on the 80th Anniversary of the attack. (There are a few Civil War ties to explore.)

Emerging Civil War Series: Unlike Anything That Ever Floated

Wednesday, December 8:

Symposium Spotlight: Sarah Kay Bierle will be speaking at the 2022 ECW Symposium in August. Get your event tickets at Early Bird pricing now!

Guest author Zachery A. Fry reviewed Meade and Lee at Rappahannock Station

Emerging Civil War Series: Grant’s Left Hook

Day 1 of the Western Swing with the American Battlefield Trust started with filming along the banks of the Tennessee River near the site of Fort Henry.

Thursday, December 9:

Brian Swartz wrote about the veteran from the 2nd Maine Regiment who funded the regimental monument.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted about taking two dogs to a battlefield and what she considered after the experience.

Emerging Civil War Series: A Mortal Blow to the Confederacy

Day 2 of the Western Swing as Chris Mackowski, Kris White, Garry Adelman, and Parker Hills filmed at Shiloh Battlefield.

Friday, December 10:

Meg Groeling reviewed Military Prisons of the Civil War: A Comparative Study.

ECW Weekender: Save the Date…Wreaths Across American is December 18, 2021.

Emerging Civil War Series: Passing Through The Fire

Part 2 of Day 2 with Chris Mackowski on the Western Swing filming trip with the American Battlefield Trust.

Saturday, December 11:

Saving History Saturday: The American Battlefield Protection Program announces $3.3 million for battlefield preservation in Tennessee and Virginia.

Sarah Kay Bierle posted two accounts of Union officers’ thefts at Fredericksburg.

Emerging Civil War Series: Lincoln Comes to Gettysburg

It’s Day 3 of the Western Swing filming tour with the American Battlefield Trust!

Sunday, December 12:

This morning Steve Davis posted a book review for new book about R.L. Dabney.

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