The Flag of the 10th S.C.

10th_south_carolina_infantry_regiment_post_card-raee55f0bad374f47bb1f42029810a600_vgbaq_8byvr_512When their charge went too deep, the men of Coltart’s Division found themselves almost surrounded. In the ensuing chaos, the remaining men of the 10th South Carolina found themselves in great peril. One soldier ticked off the results:

Captain Harlee, commanding the Regiment, Color Sergeant A.A. Meyers, about ten men of our Regiment, several from other commands and Assistant Adjutant General of the Brigade, were cut off in the Yankee line. They laid in the swamp, Sergeant Myers tearing the flag from the staff and putting it under his coat, until the night when the party worked around the enemy’s flank and reached our lines in safety.

Captain Harlee and his men made it to fight the rest of their last battle. The flag of the 10th made its escape from the field and, a few weeks later, it would escape surrender at Bennett Place in the hands of its Colonel, C.I. Walker, who later donated it to the state. You can view the flag today in the South Carolina Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum in Columbia, SC.

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