Question of the Week: 6/26-7/2/17

A couple weeks ago we asked if you had just one favorite historical person from the Civil War era. As our blog series continued and we read the comments, we realized that was sort of an unfair question!

My Favorite Historical Person from the Civil War Era

Today, we’ll give you some categories for your favorite historical people. Use the numbering system and fill in the blanks with your answers!

Who are your favorite historical people?

  1.  My favorite Union general is:
  2. My favorite Confederate general is:
  3. My favorite “common soldier” is:
  4. My favorite civilian is:
  5. My favorite historical person to spend the day with (if I could time-travel):
  6. [You create the category here!]:

18 Responses to Question of the Week: 6/26-7/2/17

  1. 1. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
    2. Robert E. Lee (Stonewall Jackson a VERY close second)
    3. Sam Watkins
    4. Abraham Lincoln
    5. Lincoln again. He seems like he’d be fun to hang around with.

  2. 1. Ulysses S Grant
    2. James Longstreet
    3. John Hofstetter (my 2x great grandfather)
    4. Abraham Lincoln
    5. Probably Lincoln, but trying for variety, I’ll go with William Seward
    6. Person whose daily life I’d study ftom historical view: Harriet Tubman

  3. 1. U. S. Grant
    2. Patrick Cleburne
    3. The Cushing brothers: Alonzo of the U. S. Army, and William of the U. S. Navy
    4. Dr. Mary Walker
    5. William Sherman…just to hear him talk.
    6. Favorite old crank of the Civil War: Jubal Early

  4. 1. Emory Upton
    2. Robert Rodes
    3. Berry Benson
    4. Carrie McGavock
    5. John Pelham
    6. Member of his staff-Nathan B. Forrest

    1. For #6 I would suggest George Cowan, a lieutenant in Forrest’s Escort and, later, son-in-law to Carrie McGavock.

  5. 1. Henry J. Hunt
    2. Henry Hopkins Sibley (I’m a Yank)
    3. My ancestor Isaac Foskett, Co. C-D U.S. Engineer Battalion (Oct. 1861 – Oct. 1864)
    4. Oliver P. Morton
    5. Anna Dickinson
    6. Battery A, 2nd U.S..

  6. OK, I’ll play. But I also note you didn’t specify just Civil War beyond #1 and #2 . . .

    My favorite Union general is: George H. Thomas
    My favorite Confederate general is: R.H. Anderson
    My favorite “common soldier” is: Alvin C. York (Civil War: Oswald Babler, my g-g-grandfather)
    My favorite civilian is: Can’t pick just one (Civil War: William Henry Seward)
    My favorite historical person to spend the day with (if I could time-travel): Douglas MacArthur (Civil War: Lincoln)
    [You create the category here!] Forgotten Hero: Viscount Gort (Civil War: E.R.S. Canby)

    1. Alvin C. York! Huzzah – a WWI hero makes the list. Which reminds me, I need to read his biography someday and not take my historical knowledge from the movie. 😉

  7. 1. E.R.S. Canby (got attached to him while writing a paper about press coverage of his death); otherwise, Thomas Francis Meagher
    2. Richard S. Ewell
    3. William H. Carney, 54th Massachusetts
    4. Abe Lincoln (honorable mention to Clara Barton)
    5. Lincoln or Marquis de Lafayette
    6. Best Civil War Facial Hair: John M. Schofield

  8. 1. Wm.Scott Hancock
    2.Porter Alexander
    3.Peter Welsh Sgt. In 28th Mass. of the Irish Brigade
    4. John Erickson ( designer of the Union ironclad Monitor.)
    5. Robert E. Lee

  9. 1. Winfield S. Hancock or Francis C. Barlow (can’t decide)
    2. Thomas J. Jackson
    3. Cpt. Hugh H. McGuire
    4. Arabella Barlow (very hard to decide on favorite civilians)
    5. Mary Lee – a day in wartime Richmond, knitting stockings in her parlor would’ve been interesting.
    6. Two favorite CW doctors – McGuire and Letterman

  10. 1. Winfield Scott Hancock
    2. Patrick Cleburne
    3. Wilbur Fisk “Hard Marching Every Day”
    4. Mary Chesnut
    5. James A. Garfield
    6. Scoundrel: Dan Sickles

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