Question of the Week: January 26, 2015

LitleMacTumblerI’m sure I’m not the only person who got the Civil War Sesquicentennial tumbler set for Christmas. The set contains glasses with four Confederates (Davis, Lee, Jackson, and Stuart) and four Federals (Lincoln, Grant, Sherman, and McClellan). 

The Confederate line-up didn’t surprise me (nor was I surprised by the absence of Longstreet from the final cut). However, the Federal line-up did surprise me. Specifically, I thought McClellan was an odd choice. I didn’t know there was a large calling of people clamoring for George B. McClellan swag.

I started wondering: If not McClellan, then who would be good as the fourth Federal? Maybe McClellan was the right choice after all?

What do you think? Why?


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  1. Hi Chris! Thanks for the ‘Emerging’ tip. I very much enjoy each post. Mac? Nope, not my choice by a long shot. Meade, yes! He worked with his boss on his shoulder. Couldn’t stand it, myself. Local favorite, Patrick O’Rorke; poor immigrant, hard working, made #1 at the Point, believer in the American dream, martyr at G-burg to hold the Union left.

  2. I think Mc C is a good choice. Since all the others represent great impact on the War effort, he certainly did that. It may not have been what we expected but it was great impact.

  3. The McClellan glass would be my favorite since I enjoy drinking in small sips, taking occasional breaks to rest and savor the experience. Sometimes I find the glass still partially full in the morning, The Jackson, Grant, Stuart and Sherman glasses, by contrast, would cause me to chug the contents and start to search for a refill, leading to an excessive loss of my brain cell troops. With the Davis glass I would spend too much time trying to decide if I actually liked the contents before pouring it out. The Lincoln glass would probably be passed around so everyone could have a sip. The Lee glass would be a good compromise since I could drink as much as I wanted without drawing too much attention to myself.

  4. If I were to stick with Army, I might propose Thomas. But how about giving the Navy its due with David Glasgow Farragut, the Grant of the water? His impact on the war was immense. The fall of New Orleans, the South largest city and greatest trading port, in April 1862 was the first big Union victory and a huge blow to the Confederacy. He played a leading role in reconquering the Mississippi and enforced the blockade in the west Gulf. Farragut’s dramatic victory at Mobile Bay in August 1864 contributed, along with the capture of Atlanta, to the resurgence in Union confidence and to eventual victory. He was the first United States admiral. “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”

  5. There are so many good generals during the war that no one can make a tumbler set without using all of them. The Navy contributed a lot to the war, so maybe have a Navy tumbler set, not just Army.

  6. Ha! Too much. Maybe the owners of McClellan’s Retreat in DC have a special marketing deal with the manufacturer?….

    I’ll admit to a soft spot for Little Mac. But does he belong among the choices? It’s an odd one to say the least. Farragut or Thomas or Meade are probably better. Then again, we also have Burnside Bourbon too.

  7. McClellan is a surprising choice to me. Phil Sheridan would’ve been good with the other Union choices since he was definitely part of “Grant’s Team”. Though I must admit, with all the hype he gets from the movie “Gettysburg”, I’m surprised J.L. Chamberlain wasn’t chosen.

  8. I, too, vote for Sheridan. Both Grant and Sherman got an extra star after the war in recognition of their contribution to the Union victory. Using that standard, Sheridan, who also got an extra star, would be appropriate. However, if we are going with personal favorites, I would nominate Winfield Scott Hancock.

  9. Ok–I really thought this over–since I am guessing there is no Elmer Ellsworth glass, may I propose . . . General Ben Butler? That’s one way to kick an alcohol habit.

  10. Butler already got a chamber-pot.:)

    I like the George Thomas selection, but then, I suspect I am predictable in that.

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