“If We Fail Now the North Has No Hope:” The Antietam Campaign of 1862

The Fifth Annual Emerging Civil War Symposium, August 3-5, 2018, will focus on Turning Points of the American Civil War. We were excited to announce that our Keynote Speaker will be retired Gettysburg National Military Park Supervisory Historian Scott Hartwig. Mr. Hartwig recently sent us a little more about his keynote to keep us in anticipation of the symposium. He will be speaking on the Maryland Campaign and the Emancipation Proclamation.

Scott writes:

“Although it lasted only two and half a weeks the Antietam Campaign of September 1862 looms large on the landscape of the American Civil War.  The stakes were immeasurably high.  Robert E. Lee sought not just military success in Maryland but a victory that demoralized the North and might sweep the Republicans from power in the fall elections.  Lincoln desperately needed a victory from George McClellan, a general he had lost faith in and who did not support the policy direction the President was prepared to lead the nation.  Emancipation hung in the balance.  The campaign took twists and turns that a novelist might craft and climaxed in the bloodiest single day of the war at Antietam.  This is the story of the key decisions and events that shaped the campaign’s military and political outcome.”

We look forward to hearing this powerful presentation about just one of the many turning points during war. Don’t forget to get your tickets for the 2018 ECW Symposium so you can explore the Maryland Campaign and the Emancipation, and many more turning points, with our full line-up of speakers!

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